The All-Nighter

Co-Founder, Editor-in-Chief, Designer, Webmaster


When I transferred to RISD there were no news sources on campus. I felt like I was surrounded by a vibrant, creative community, but unable to tap into it. Inspired to document RISD news and culture, I recruited two friends and we started planning the All-Nighter, a student-run publication. 

My Role

I defined the mission, structure, and design of the All-Nighter in a collaborative process with Micah and Rachel. I then built the site on WordPress. As Editor-in-Chief, I led a team of over fifty writers, editors, photographers, and designers.


The All-Nighter is a student-run online publication dedicated to documenting and shaping culture at RISD. By giving students a platform to share their work and to have a dialogue with each other, the faculty, and the administration, the All-Nighter aims to bring students together and to nurture a culture of collaboration. 


We reported on institutional changes, student activities, and world news as they related to RISD. 

We documented events in formats that appealed to students - like photo essays and videos (Every year we had a costume contest for Artists' Ball).

We created a forum for individual expression. Our columnists included: a pizza connoisseur, a film fanatic, beer brewers, and a creative writer. 

We highlighted work from students, alumni, and faculty.

And while we published new articles once a week, user-generated parts of the site like "I Caught You" kept readers coming back more frequently. 

Promotional Design

We collaborated on the design of the All-Nighter long-distance. And instead of waving goodbye, we started ending every conversation by making a click-hand gesture.

There was something nice about translating a digital symbol into the physical world, and we started using the click-hand as an informal symbol for the All-Nighter in our marketing efforts. 

On the night of our launch I equipped a small crew with stencils and chalk to cover the campus with click-hands. The click-hands created a sense of intrigue and excitement around the All-Nighter, along with communicating that we were an online publication. 

We also used the click-hand in posters, t-shirts, and even All-Nighter kits. 


Within the first year the site was viewed over 170,000 times and we had over 500 fans on Facebook. Our President, John Maeda, was one of our regular readers and promoted the All-Nighter on the RISD blog. Our content was also featured in RISD's XYZ magazine for alumni.

The All-Nighter still lives on today, although in a more casual format.