UX Designer, 2012 –2015

I love YouTube creators. And I was lucky enough to work on a variety of tools to improve their workflow's. 

Creator Studio

During my last year at YouTube, I was the design lead for the Creator Studio app on mobile and tablet. I worked on the information architecture and designed a Material update to the app. The app allowed creators to monitor their channel's comments and analytics along with editing their videos' metadata on-the-go. 

Before that I worked to:

  • Design a simpler upload flow on desktop and mobile. 
  • Define a taxonomy of creator notifications (including alerts, suggestions, and news from YouTube) and craft a site-wide system for displaying them.
  • Design "Credits" - a tool allowing creators to credit other YouTubers in their videos.
  • Design a sound-effects library, our most recent addition to a suite of audio library tools.